"Families Can Be Together for the Eternities"
by Rex Price

The story behind the painting:
My father received a phone call one day from an old college roommate and long time friend. He Informed My Father, sadly, that his son had recently died. Dad accepted his invitation to attend the funeral. I decided to go with him. At the funeral we sat on the right side of the chapel near the exit door. The man who died was middle aged and married with young kids. Before his passing they seemed to be a very happy and loving family. He was a good father and husband. At the close of the funeral services a moment caught my attention that I'll never forget. This man's wife, now widowed in mortality, followed closely behind her husband's casket as a group of family members carried it out of the chapel. Holding on to her children, she was dignified and strong. As they neared the door, the sun shined brilliantly through the doorway, casting intense light on her and her children as they walked through to the other side. It impacted me so strongly, I knew I had to paint it.
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